Drivers Medical Assessment

Drivers Medicals / Vocational Driver’s Medicals Standards

The Driver Medical Assessments will be carried out by an Occupational Health Nurse supported by the DVLA Medicals Standards for Fitness to Drive guidelines. The Medicals standards can be found at

The fitness to drive medical assessment will consist of the following tests

  • Health Questionnaire
  • Eye Sight Test
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Height & Weight check
  • Urine analysis Test
  • Audiology hearing Test if indicated

The Occupational Health Department will undertake vocational driver’s health assessments for the following groups of drivers

  • Large Good Vehicles (LGV) and Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCV). The relevant DVLA documents must be provided by the employee to verify they have the training to operate the vehicle.
  • Drivers required by national legislation to hold licenses for goods vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tones (Group C1). Relevant DVLA documents to be provided by employee.
  • Drivers of small passenger carrying vehicles between 9 and 16 passenger seats (Group D1, usually minibuses). Relevant DVLA documents to be provided by employee.
  • Regular drivers of forklift trucks as per HSE recommendations
  • Employees who drive clients or colleagues as part of their regular duties.

Our experts will look at the driving conditions of the employees and will be constantly assessing the overall risk to the driver. The results will be assessed by an Occupational Health Nurse and / or Occupational Health Physician and an outcome of the results including any recommendations will be provided to both the employee and employer.

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