Ill Health Retirement

Ill Health Retirement Assessment

Ill-Health Retirement Assessment

If you cannot work any longer due to sickness, you may be able to take your pension benefits early, even before the age of 55. This is generally known as taking an ill-health pension.

Your company will have its own definition of what ill-health (sickness) means, but usually you will be considered for an ill-health pension if you’re unable to carry out your normal job because you’re physically or mentally ill and unlikely to be fit for the foreseeable future.

Because ill health retirement can be complicated each individual case will be assessed by our Occupational Health Physician who will advise whether the criteria for ill health retirement may be met according to the organisation’s policy.

Other medical services we provide

We provide a multitude of health services as well as lead medical services, please see below other services we provide.

  • Isocyanates Medicals – commonly used in industries including Motor Vehicle Repair
  • HAVS assessment – We will assess if exposure to equipment has caused hand arm vibration that can effect your nerves.
  • Work health assessment – The purpose of this assessment is to see if any health issues could effect the health of an employee

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