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Men’s Health Week 2022 | Protecting Men’s Health & Wellbeing

09 Jun 2022

Do you service and look after your car properly? Do you make sure your tires have enough tread? It’s time to look under your bonnet and get a MAN MOT!

So, for this year’s Men’s Health Week, which runs from the 13th-19th of June and finishes with Father’s Day, it’s time for you, me and men everywhere, to raise awareness and look after ourselves.

Why Do Men Need an MOT?

As our focus has been on the pandemic and all that came with it, it’s been easy to overlook or take our eyes off all other serious health conditions. It’s no secret that GP appointments have been hard to come by, early-stage cancer diagnoses have fallen behind and one man in five dies before they reach retirement age.

The difference between our bodies and our cars is simple, we may be able to fix some things, but we cannot get a body when it breaks down. Therefore, it is so important to keep having regular checks and undertaking some basic maintenance.

So, What Are The Next Steps for You?

Do the math: do you do any of these?

  • not smoking
  • drinking less than 14 units of alcohol a week
  • eat 5 fruit and veg a day
  • at least half an hour of exercise a day

Research has shown that doing all of these above can add about 14 years to your life – that’s enough time to see your grandchild grow up and three world cups!

  • Take notice of what’s going on in your body and mind
  • Get an NHS Health Check (these should be offered to most people over 40 and should be restartedsince the start of the pandemic)
  • Go and see your GP if you’re concerned about any health symptoms
  • Do the Men’s Health Forum’s quick and easy DIY Man MOT
  • check out some of the other free, helpful resources from the Men’s Health Forum such as the Man MOT and Man MOT for the Mind.


Written by Sebastian Weckwerth- RMN, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust, Mental Health Nurse and CISM Coordinator