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Mental Health Awareness Week Activities

06 May 2022


To raise awareness for Mental Health Awareness Week, we have compiled a list of Mental Health Awareness Week activities encouraging people to focus on achieving good mental health. Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from the 9th to the 15th of May 2022, and this year’s theme encourages individuals to combat loneliness whilst building connections with those around them.

Mental illness affects millions of people around the world. Mental illness has the ability to impact a person’s way of thinking, acting and feeling, as well as how they handle their stress levels and how they maintain social connections.

Mental Health Awareness Week encourages you to explore who you are as an individual and to try out new activities helping you to build new skills, control your emotions, as well as build and develop social connections and hobbies whilst working on your mental health.

What Activities Can You Do for Mental Health Week?

mental health awareness exercise

1. Get Physical

Using physical activity within your daily routine has a positive impact on your mental health, by reducing symptoms of depression, ADHD, and anxiety, relieving stress and helping you to sleep better. You don’t have to go to extreme lengths to receive the benefits, but a small amount of physical activity every day can make a huge difference to your mental health.

Whether you decide to sign up to your local gym, join in on group classes or even take your dog for a walk, physical activity can improve your overall mood along with encouraging you to build new social connections.

mental health awareness talk

2. Talk about Mental Health

Discussing mental health with your colleagues, friends or family is not easy, but it is a huge part of combating the mental health stigma and encourages people to talk openly and not shy away from their thoughts or feelings.

Talking about mental health can help others to understand that they are not alone and encourages individuals to seek advice from a mental health professional. This is one of the best mental health awareness week activities that combat loneliness, as it helps individuals to improve communication and build relationships within the workplace.

mental health awareness meditate

3. Meditate

Whilst there are many different types of meditation, they all come with several mental and physical benefits. A recent study by the University of Bristol found that mindfulness has proven to be an effective method of improving the mental health of students by encouraging your brain to control stress-related illnesses and emotional difficulties.

Meditating is a way of reaching clarity, and calmness and encourages your brain to focus, as well as allowing yourself time to reflect and bring to light positive attributes about yourself.

mental health awareness pet

4. Spend Time With Your Pet

Many people adopted pets throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to combat symptoms of mental illness and loneliness. Spending time with your pet comes with many mental health benefits, from reducing stress levels, depression, loneliness, and anxiety as well as encouraging you to get physical and adding a huge aspect of joy and love to your life.

Pets provide companionship for individuals, especially those that are suffering from loneliness. They not only come with many mental health benefits but they can also improve the cardiovascular system by lowering blood pressure.

mental health awareness online

5. Connect Online

Connecting with friends and family online has never been easier, there are many social media and video chat platforms that encourage you to build new and maintain relationships with your loved ones and colleagues.

Connecting online is a popular mental health awareness activity that encourages you to discuss your symptoms with mental health professionals or those who are suffering allowing you to reach for support and advice. Online communication is also a fantastic way of encouraging you to open up to new social connections avoiding symptoms of isolation and loneliness.

Be Kind to Yourself

It is always key to remember that the best mental health week activity is not a cure for mental illness but is a useful way of helping you to maintain good mental health. Mental illness should be taken seriously and it is always important to seek professional advice if you find that you struggling.

Mental Health Services in Portsmouth

In the line of work we’re in, we understand how critical it is for your mental health to get you back to your original self so you can begin to do the things you love again. If you’re struggling, there are plenty of mental health services on offer that will encourage you to focus on your mental wellbeing in a secure and safe environment led by mental health professionals.

If you find that you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or low mood issues then please contact a professional such as your GP or mental health professional to help assist you with your mental wellbeing.

Mental health services and information can be accessed 24 hours a day depending on your need.