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Management Referrals for Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Right now 1 in 6 workers is dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress. This can stop people from performing at their best.

Organisations perform better when their staff are healthy, motivated and focused. Smart employers support employees who are experiencing mental health care problems to cope and recover. The support people receive from employers and various mental health services is key in determining how well and how quickly they are able to return to peak performance.

Management Referrals for Mental Health Nurse Practitioner NHS Portsmouth
Management Referrals for Mental Health Nurse Practitioner NHS Portsmouth Support

Standing by and giving help to people when they experience a mental health problem is not only about keeping hold of a valuable team member, or member of staff. It also sends a message about your organisation’s values. All employees, whether they’re full time or part-time, need to see that their organisation lives its values and treats its people well. Trust and integrity are key drivers of engagement and organisations that support staff reap the benefits in terms of loyalty and commitment from all employees.

We all have different ways of dealing with our mental health. Mental health ranges from good to poor and it’s affected by a range of factors both in and outside of work. Starting a conversation about it doesn’t have to be really difficult, and you’ll find that it can really help when it comes to processing your emotions.

We can show you how to effectively support your team in Portsmouth, better your communication skills, and increase employee engagement, motivation and productivity. Healthcare professionals, registered nurses and mental health nurses work tirelessly in order to provide the best mental health services and the potential options they can to you and your employees.

Examples of referrals to Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in Portsmouth include:

  • Complex Mental Health cases
  • Mental Health cases with a long term history of re-occurring mental health problems
  • Mental Health cases with a history of being an inpatient in Psychiatric Units, and need the assistance of a psychiatric mental health nurse in a clinical capacity.
  • Mental Health Cases with a history of psychotic episodes
  • Cases involving addictions, substance abuse for example alcohol and drug misuse that need a mental health practitioner’s assistance and nursing expertise.
  • Cases relating to complex medical eating disorders for example anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and other related eating disorders that require nursing assistance.
  • Work-related Stress and Anxiety conditions


Management Referrals for Mental Health Nurse Practitioner NHS Portsmouth FAQs

Can you be fired for Mental Health issues?

You cannot be fired from your company workplace for having a mental illness. You’ll find that Mental Health is covered by the policies covered in the Equality Act 2010. Sickness absence for staff with underlying health conditions is managed very differently from new emerging mental health issues.

What is the purpose of an Occupational Health referral?

Occupational Health can make recommendations and advise your Management team on support measures to enable you to remain well and at work. Adjustments might be on a temporary or permanent basis and made by community mental health practitioners, occupational therapists, or psychiatric nursing staff. These referrals will be made to help you in the best way they can.

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