Night Workers Medical Assessment

Night Workers Medical Assessment


A Night Worker is classified as someone who regularly works at least three hours at night between the hours of 11pm – 6am

Employers are obliged to offer employees who work regularly at night a Night Workers Health Assessment to determine whether that individual is fit to work night shifts.
A Night Workers health assessment can be completed by Occupational Health prior to an employee starting night work and on a regular basis following this. Management can also refer individuals to Occupational Health via the referral system if there are any significant changes in health which may affect night work or after long term absence due to a health issue
A Health Questionnaire is completed by an employee and assessed by an Occupational Health Nurse for the purpose of:

  •  Ensure that the employee is fit to undertake night work
  • Decide whether a night worker risk assessment is needed to ensure the health and safety of the employee, especially in relation to young and pregnant workers
  • Give recommendations to an employer regarding any adjustments that may be needed to protect the employee

It is important to note there is no absolute contra – indications to working night shifts on health grounds, individuals who have a health concern will be individually assessed. However management has responsibilities to consider the effects of shift/night work on an employee and to take reasonable steps to minimise these risks.

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The Working Time (Amended) Regulations 2003
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