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Our People

Our People

Portsmouth Hospitals Trust offers a collaborative service which is structured as part of the Human Resources Service strategically managed by the Head of Human Resources. The Director of Workforce and Organisational Development is Trust Board lead and champion.

The Health Safety and Wellbeing Service is led by the senior OH team comprising the Occupational Health Manager with an employed Consultant Occupational Health Physician as the Clinical Lead and a Lead Specialist OH Practitioner as the lead nurse together with the operational leads for five teams (Oasis Wellbeing Centre, Counselling, Health and Safety, PHT and Manual Handling, External Contracts.)

  • Occupational Health Physician – MFOM
  • Occupational Health Manager
  • Occupational Health Lead Nurse
  • Specialist Practitioners
  • Nursing Team
  • Mental Health Nurse
  • Trainee OH Nurses
  • Technician
  • Business Manager
  • Comprehensive Administration Team

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