Skin Assessments

Skin Assessments / Dermatitis Assessment

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002 employees working with certain chemicals or substances may be at risk from developing occupational dermatitis and other skin conditions.

What are work-related skin conditions?

  • Work-related skin problems are caused or made worse by exposure to substances such as chemicals, and through having wet hands for long periods, while at work.
  • Dermatitis and eczema are the most common skin disease but skin cancer and over exposure to the sun can also contribute to developing skin problems.

When employees are exposed to hazardous substances, employers need to ensure where appropriate employees are under suitable health surveillance including regular skin checks.

Why carry out skin health assessments?

  • Regular skin checks are part of managing skin disease from occurring in the workplace at an early stage.
  • Early detection and treatment will result in the employee making a good recovery and prevent future health problems from developing.
  • Recommend a referral to GP / Dermatologist if appropriate
  • Skin checks will also identify if existing control measures in place are adequate and may indicate if these control measures need reassessing as part of a control strategy.
  • Inform employers of the outcome of the skin checks so that controls measures can

Services we offer

  • Baseline & Annual Health Questionnaires
  • Skin checks of the hands and forearms, for new & existing employees to look for early signs and symptoms of skin disease
  • Provide advice to employees regarding appropriate hand care, skin products used to cleanse and moisturise the skin in the workplace in addition to suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Give advice to employees regarding their legal duties and suitable control measures and to reduce the risk and prevent skin problems developing in their business

Useful Information

HSE’s Skin at Work website;

Other services we provide

We provide a multitude of health services as well as lead medical services, please see below other services we provide.

  • Isocyanates Medicals – commonly used in industries including Motor Vehicle Repair
  • HAVS assessment – We will assess if exposure to equipment has caused hand arm vibration that can effect your nerves.
  • Work health assessment – The purpose of this assessment is to see if any health issues could effect the health of an employee

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